About Aurience

about_aurience_1.jpgAurience's principals have acted as primary advisors for numerous international headline transactions, and have especially strong experience and capabilities in developing successful East-West synergies. Engagements handled by the firm's principals have involved work in more than 50 countries on six continents exceeding 100 billion dollars in value.

Past advisory work has included:

- Handling of international acquisitions, divestitures, strategic partnerships and joint ventures for both public and private entities

- Advising on privatizations, securities offerings and other forms of financing for both public and private entities

- Development and distribution of media & entertainment and interactive technology products

- Implementation of large scale, international relationships and programs at the elite levels of the arts & athletics

The Aurience group’s team of professionals is based in the key media & technology centers of Europe, America and Asia.

Aurience's CEO, Kenneth Schneider, splits his time among these centers as-needed to provide the highest possible level of attention and service to the group's clients, and to maximize synergies among them.